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Laganas, Zakynthos – The Party Island

First of all, don’t go to Zakynthos if you are looking for holiday packages for a nice and pleasant time to relax with your family. Also, don’t go there if you want to sleep at night or spend more than one afternoon admiring natural beauty. You should definitely go to Zakynthos, more precisely a town named Laganas, if you want to party all night long and enjoy daily events at the beach during the day. This island and especially this town are like one big discotheque that never closes down.

Laganas is a small town. There aren’t any squares or important streets for you to discover and explore. There is only one main street, full of shops and restaurants and that’s where you’ll be spending most of your time. That is not a bad thing because you’ll definitely enjoy it. Firstly, the restaurants are pretty great and the prices are fine. You can choose everything from traditional Greek meals and salads to English breakfast and buritos. For the price of 10 euros, you can have more than a decent meal and a drink. Of course, you can decide to simply buy a kebab at roughly 2.5 euros and eat it as you walk. Food is amazing and the service is very pleasant and good. The only thing that you may find roughly annoying are the owners of the restaurants or hired personal that stand in front of the restaurants starting conversation as you walk by, inviting you to come in. It’s funny at first, but after a while, you just want to walk down the street without the talks.

Nightlife is beyond wild! Once everybody gets to their rooms from the amazing and gorgeous Laganas beaches, and the darks falls, the whole Laganas transforms. The restaurants close down or transform into night bars and the discos open up. Neon lights and parties everywhere! Even on the beach. And the parties don’t end until the sunrise. Each disco has its own preferred music genre, you whatever might be your thing – you can find it.

Your browser may not support display of this image. Another amazing thing that you shouldn’t miss out on is the boat tour around the island of Zakynthos. Be aware that this is a 8 hour ride and that there’s no real food at the boat, so pack lunch, just in case. You will see amazing caves and the rocky coast of Zakynthos, and more importantly, you will see the famous Shipwreck beach. That is one of the most beautiful beaches in the world. You will need very dark sunglasses there, since the water shines in turquoise while the sand is white as snow.

It’s not that hard to come to Laganas, because there is airport 6km away from it in the biggest city in Zakynthos – Zante. You can find very cheap flights, to this destination if you begin planning ahead. That is also advisable for finding your accommodation. The truth is, all the restaurants and the hotels are very nice and they have good service. You cannot go wrong if you choose any of them, so your best criteria would be to simply choose the ones that are the closest to the beach.

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